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sips panels cutting saw


sips panels cutting saw

Equipment for panel housing sets

- The equipment has a distinct advantage over manufacturers of similar equipment that the output of the line turns SIP panel, ready for installation, ie it does not require processing on the perimeter in order to ensure a given geometry, is also guaranteed free of play high-quality adhesive bonding, which is very important when installing home in wet weather. To work on this equipment enough just 2 people. For this technology, building construction, we have two types of equipment.

The first type - the equipment for SIP glued panels, where the heater plate is expanded polystyrene (EPS).

The second type - the equipment for flood SIP panels, where the filler is a polyurethane foam (PUF) and the casting process is performed in a hot press.


LSP-6G line is designed to seal SIP panels in two stacks of up to 6 panels at a time. Operates in semi-automatic mode. The wait staff - 2 people.

Technical characteristics
• dimensions of the line: 4 x 21 meters;
• line capacity: up to 600 sq.m. / shift;
• SIP panels dimensions: 6.000 x 1.250 x 224mm.

The line for the production of SIP-panels
1. Table panel assembly .
2. Hydraulic press .
3. Table for the reception of the finished panel .
4. Apparatus for applying adhesive .
5. Machine cutting panels .
6. Machine sample heater .
Description of the technological process of SIP panels
On the table is automatically installed on the assembly of the stops are placed two sheets of OSB up to 3 meters, and then to glue them using a setup that moves on rails along the table, automatically applied glue and water mist. At the bottom OSB sheets are stacked Styrofoam plate and also on the plate is applied to the adhesive layer that covers the top sheets of OSB.
Geometry CIP panels defined stops, for which two operators are three sets of one panel member, thereby forming around the perimeter of the locking panel. Further, these two panels are two similarly collected. So, in the raw form four panels are ready!
When you press the button pressed, the following occurs automatically. Stops move aside and free movement in the way the press four (raw) panels at the same time pressed four (ready) panels rolled out on the reception table.
In the equipment is based on the principle of continuous employment: while one package glued panels, at this time working to assemble a new package of panels.
When building a house, usually two thirds of the total CIP panels used without cutting.
Cutting the remaining one-third of the panels produced using cutting machine, which has a special saw blade, allowing the thickest cut a panel at an angle of 45 ° to the vertical. After cutting on some panels need to select the slot (lock) for this purpose and is the last machine - the machine polystyrene sample.
1. Table panel assembly .
Table assembly used for stacking panels, panel portions relative positioning and feeding panels assembled in the press. Table frame is of rectangular tube, mounted on the frame feeding rollers with rubber rollers. The shafts are interconnected chain transmission and are set in motion the geared motor. All the electromechanical actuator is closed metal box that protects the drive from external influences and safe operation of the attendants. For positioning parts sandwich panels relative to each other, detachable mounted rotary pneumatic stops. Side rollers serve to guide the panel when it is moved.
Specifications table:
• The working surface of the table assembly: 6.2 x 1.25 meters.
• Table height: 0.7 meters.
• The velocity of the panel on the table to 20 meters per minute.
• Weight: 550 lbs.
The cycle of the assembly of panels on the table:
1. Laying a sheet SPF table abutments.
2. Applying a layer of polyurethane adhesive sheet of OSB.
3. Laying polystyrene sheet on the stops.
4. Applying a layer of glue on the styrofoam sheet.
5. Laying the top sheet OSB.
6. Submission of the panel in a hydraulic press.
Movement of the table for the assembly controlled by the operator, the drive turns on and off the table when loading the panel in the press.
2. Hydraulic press .

Hydraulic press designed for the plane-parallel compression assembled panels under uniformly distributed load for the time needed to fix the glue that connects the details panels.
Press is the skeleton of the pipes on the lower cross bars which are twelve cylinders, which bear the news platform that rises during compression. The frame, in bearing units, feed rollers mounted for loading the pressed panel inside the press and unload it at the reception desk.
The shafts are interconnected chain transmission and are set in motion the geared motor. In the press racks mounted side thrust platform which is moved along the uprights press using an electromechanical drive. Resistant fixed platform with removable pins in the regulations governing the thickness of the panel. Installed pins Kontra pins.
Specifications Press:
• Working surface: 6.2 x 1.25 meters.
• Height to work surface: 0.7 meters.
• Speed panel in the press, up to 20 meters per minute.
• Weight - 2850 kg.
The press operates in manual or automatic mode.
3. Table for the reception of the finished panel .
Coupon table is designed for unloading the finished panels of the press. The table is a frame of rectangular tube that is running freely rotating rollers with the rollers. The first two shaft roller table are driven, the drive is a chain drive from the press.
Specifications table:
• Table length: 6.2 meters.
• Table width: 1.25 meters.
• The height of the surface of the rollers: 0.7 meters.
• The velocity of the panel on the table to 20 meters per minute.
• Weight: 450kg.
4. Apparatus for applying adhesive .

Installation adhesive

The unit is designed for one-component coating and spray glue on OSB-plate and styrofoam. Has a mechanism of electro-mechanical movement of table assembly along with the simultaneous application of glue over the entire width of the table and spray water for glue polymerization. Setting enables: expensive glue sparingly to avoid marriage and to ensure high performance line. Installation Management glue automatically.
Technical characteristics of the installation:
• Glue: one-component polyurethane.
• The viscosity of the adhesive: 3-5 PA's with.
• A container for glue 1000 liters.
• Container length: 1.2 meters.
• Container width: 1 meter.
• The height of the container 1 meter.
• Container weight: 1200 kg.
• Unit weight: 500 killogram.
• Regulated flow of adhesive: 100-500 grams / square meter. m
• Water Capacity: 10 liters.
• Adjustable water volume: 10-50 grams / sq. m
• The installed capacity of 3 kW.
• The cycle of glue and water 40 seconds.
• Length of the installation of the container for the adhesive: 2 meters.
• Plant width of the container for the adhesive: 2.9 meters.
• Installation height of the container for the adhesive: 2.2 meters.
5. Machine cutting panels .

Cutting machine is designed for cutting panels sandwich panels based on OSB (Oriented Strand Board) filled with polystyrene foam, as well as chipboard, MDF, hardboard and structures based on them.
Specifications of machine cutting of panels:
• Maximum dimensions of panels: 3 x 1.25 meters;
• The angle of the saw unit: 0 - 45 degrees;
• The maximum height of cut (corner of 90/45 degrees. To the plane of the table): 280/200 mm;
• Spindle speed: 1500 rpm;
• Power consumption: 5.5 kW
The minimum industrial area occupied by the machine: 6.5 x 4.5 m
6. Machine sample heater .
The machine is designed for a sample of polystyrene foam filler and the formation of the groove in the sandwich panels based on OSB boards for the installation section: 100x50, 150x50, 200x50.
Specifications of machine selection of insulation:
• Maximum dimensions of panels: 3 x 1.25 meters;
• The maximum dimensions of selected slot: width 200 mm, depth 60 mm;
• Spindle speed: 3500 rpm;
• Power consumption: 1.5 kW;
The minimum industrial area occupied by the machine: 6.5 x 2 meters;

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